Monday, December 5, 2011

More London Holiday Ideas

If you're working in London or coming through, here are some more ideas for holiday fun. St. Paul's Cathedral is hosting a performance of Britten's Ceremony of the Carols on December 10. It's free and starts at 5 p.m. but arrive early -- it fills up quickly.

And from now until January 3 you can have fun in Hyde Park at the annual Winter Wonderland carnival. They have rides and shows and food and drink and all sorts of events throughout the holiday. Here's a glimpse of the crowds from last year:

But don't come to London without stopping in to say hi so we can wish you a happy holiday in person!

Your friends at Continental Travelnurse.

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More Great Feedback From Our Nurses

At Continental Travelnurse, we love to get feedback and comments from our nurses. It helps us do our job better, but more often it provides positive reinforcement! Who doesn't enjoy compliments?

On Facebook recently, we've been called "Best agency anyone could choose! Wish I was there right now!" And Andrea posted this: "It helps when you have great support at the end of the phone when you're so far from home. I can't wait to get back and start my next assignment in late November!" Welcome back, Andrea!

Our nurses don't just give lovely comments to us; they also share them with others. Ask anyone who has teamed with us. Jay did and he explained how that led him to us. " i know Beth, she's lovely. I worked with her in Australia and when i visited the UK I popped out to Brighton to say hi! I also know Alicia; she's not long gotten back from 18 months over there with you guys! That's why i have been so confident with my agency choice -- they both speak really highly of your company!!"

Just as important as their experience with us is the experience our nurses have with the hospitals and other medical facilities they sign on with. We only work with the best and it's good to know that shows. Kelli had a great relationship with the people she worked with. Like so many of our nurses, she was traveling Europe and then deciding on where she'd like to settle in next for another stint of nursing. "Plans are to travel for a while then maybe look at another assignment in the new year," said Kelli in an email. "Everything is going well, almost finished up! The wards been really great, you can let them know too if you like. They've been really accommodating, helpful, friendly and supportive so I've really enjoyed my time. Just thought I'd let you know that :)"

Andrew had a similar positive experience: "Sorry, forgot to call; was a busy last day. The ward put on a party on the ward, gave me a present and took me for a night out last night which was nice of them considering I was only there for 6 weeks!
I am looking forward to seeing friends and family again after 2 years, but not sure if i'll get itchy feet again after a few months.
Thank you to you and your team who have been great from the start. Very professional and easy to deal with. Exactly what I was looking for regarding work in the UK. I will be sure to mention you guys if any future colleagues are thinking about venturing over here."

As you can see, Continental Travelnurse is a great place to work with (and for!). If you want to become part of our team and travel to Europe to work and have fun, check out our website for more information.